Manufacturing 4.0: Going for Gold


Jump to: [Monday, 6/10/19] | [Tuesday, 6/11/19/] | [Wednesday, 6/12/19] Monday, June 10, 2019 | Manufacturing Leadership Council Annual Meeting

Manufacturing Leadership Council Annual Meeting

Manufacturing Leadership Council Members Only


8:00 AM


8:45 AM

Welcome + Introductions: John Fleming, Chairman, Manufacturing Leadership Council Board of Governors; Michael Packer, Vice Chairman, Manufacturing Leadership Council Board of Governors

8:50 AM

Manufacturing Leadership Council Progress Report: David R. Brousell, Co-Founder, MLC

9:30 AM

Open Forum: Paul Tate, Executive Editor and Research Director, MLC

10:30 AM

Networking & Refreshment Break

11:00 AM

Review of Critical Issues and Decision Compass Group meetings: Penelope Brown, Content Director, MLC; and Paul Tate, Executive Editor and Research Director, MLC

12:00 PM


12:45 PM

2020 Critical Issues Agenda: Introduction: David R. Brousell, Co-Founder, MLC

1:00 PM

Critical Issues Agenda: Survey and Call Results: Paul Tate, Executive Editor and Research Director, MLC; and Penelope Brown, Content Director, MLC

1:30 PM

Critical Issues Agenda: Council Member Debate & Vote

2:45 PM

Networking & Refreshment Break

3:00 PM

Critical Issues Agenda: Council Member Debate & Vote Continues

3:30 PM

Delivering on the New Critical Issues Agenda 

4:45 PM

2019 Manufacturing Leadership Council Meeting Concludes

Manufacturing Leadership Summit Activities Begin

5:00 PM

VIP Exhibit Hall Guided Tour

6:00 PM

Welcome Networking Reception

Jump to: [Monday, 6/10/19] | [Tuesday, 6/11/19/] | [Wednesday, 6/12/19] Tuesday, June, 11 2019 | Manufacturing Leadership Summit Opens: General Session, Networking & Exhibition

Manufacturing Leadership Summit Opens: General Session, Networking & Exhibition


7:15 AM

Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibition
Didn’t get your badge at last night’s reception? Make sure you’re down in time for breakfast and registration to get your event materials now! Already have your badge? Make sure you pick up your event packet and start networking bright and early.

8:00 AM

Welcome and Introduction

8:10 AM

Opening Address

The Next Chapter of Manufacturing 4.0
David R. Brousell, Co-Founder, Manufacturing Leadership Council

8:30 AM


Leadership 4.0
Peter Holicki, Senior Vice President, Operations Manufacturing & Engineering Environment, Health & Safety Operations, Dow Chemical Co., and the recipient of the 2018 Manufacturing Leader of the Year Award.

Speed. Agility. A more value-driven experience for customers.
  These are essential elements of a company’s Manufacturing 4.0 strategy. How do you avoid the pitfalls of investing in the next shiny innovation, instead of ensuring digitalization makes your company shine in the market? How do you motivate thousands of employees to join you on the transformational journey? In a word: Leadership. Discover the essentials of leadership in the digital era and beyond.

9:15 AM


Innovating for More than 350 Years: How Saint-Gobain Sustains Innovation
Regan Gallo, Operations Director and Industry 4.0 Project Lead, CertainTeed Corp., Saint Gobain

Come learn how after three-and-a-half centuries of manufacturing, Saint-Gobain is navigating the Digital Industrial Revolution. Founded in 1665, Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest building materials companies and manufacturer of innovative material solutions, has manufactured products through each of the three previous Industrial Revolutions. As we navigate the current Digital Industrial Revolution, Saint-Gobain is formalizing our approach in order to expedite our journey to Manufacturing 4.0 and bringing the Digital Revolution and World Class Manufacturing to our 135 North American manufacturing locations.

9:45 AM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

10:15 AM


The Role of Chief Digital Officers in Manufacturing

The new role of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is rapidly becoming popular in many manufacturing companies as they strive to grasp new digital opportunities and develop a culture of digital acumen across the enterprise. But how does it work? What does the CDO role entail and how do CDOs engage with established technology functions like IT and Operational Technology teams? This inaugural ML Summit Panel of manufacturing industry CDOs will share insights on the scope, business objectives, and potential cultural impact of this transformational new M4.0 role.

11:00 AM

Meet the Innovators – 1:1 Briefing Sessions

12:40 PM

Session-to-Session Travel Time

12:45 PM

Food For Thought: Lunch and Networking Roundtables
Practitioners and solution providers host a menu of luncheon roundtable discussions on pertinent industry issues. Dine and dish with industry experts.

1:45 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

1:50 PM

Concurrent Collaboration  – ThinkTanks
Expert-led ThinkTanks capture the power of all participants’ voices, insights and experiences via group discussion and exploration of the issue at hand.

1. AI in Action in the Supply Chain
2. 5G Networks: The Next Wave of Connectivity
3. Leveraging IoT on the Plant Floor
4. What’s Next for Robots in Manufacturing?
5. 3D Printing: Will It Transform production? 

2:50 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

2:55 PM

LIGHTNING ROUND: ML Award Winners Present

Six winners of the 2019 Manufacturing Leadership Awards present concise case studies of their projects. 

1. Merck & Co. Inc., Project Ivan
After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017 and left thousands of residents unable to obtain essential medicines, Merck launched Project Ivan to deliver medications by cargo delivery drone. The company is now planning more ways that drones can extend existing supply chains.
2. Cisco Systems, Inc., Fully Connected Customer Experience
Cisco underwent a digital transformation aimed at allowing it to engage more effectively with customers. Leveraging AI, machine learning and data science, Cisco created a fully-connected experience that spans the customer lifecycle.
3. The Dow Chemical Company, Dow Digital Centers
The Dow Chemical Company has created three Digital Centers where cross-disciplinary expertise groups work in an open and collaborative environment to radically change how Dow does work and to develop and deploy Industry 4.0 technologies throughout the company.
4. Northrop Grumman, Leveraging Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality + 3D Data Analytics to Improve Airframe Manufacturing Processes
Northrop Grumman created the Highly Immersive Virtual Environment (HIVE) to increase manufacturing excellence and reduce learning curves associated with getting new products into production. Aided by augmented reality, the HIVE creates a virtual factory that can be used to evaluate the performance of the production line.
5. Nexteer Automotive, Digital Manufacturing Process and 1Link Implementation
Nexteer built an ambitious Digital Manufacturing Process Platform and Virtual Factory Portal that digitized and standardized information collected across 27 facilities in 8 countries. The platform is driving an ongoing Manufacturing 4.0 transformation at Nexteer.
6. Lockheed Martin, IIoT Shop Floor Dashboard Analytics Project 
As part of a larger effort to define and implement digital factories of the future, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics revamped its plant floor network architecture and data standards, creating a system of dashboards and OEE scoring systems that “listen to the heart beat” of machine tools in real time and collect machine run time data.

3:55 PM

Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break

4:25 PM


5:00 PM

Day One of the Summit Program Concludes Cocktail Reception
Join us for another great opportunity to make new friends and further business relationships!


Manufacturing Leadership Council Board of Governors Meeting and Dinner *Board Members Only

Jump to: [Monday, 6/10/19] | [Tuesday, 6/11/19/] | [Wednesday, 6/12/19] Wednesday, June 12, 2019 | Day Two of the Manufacturing Leadership Summit General Session, Networking & Exhibition

Day Two of the Manufacturing Leadership Summit:  General Session, Networking & Exhibition


6:15 AM

Early Risers Run/Walk 

7:15 AM

Continental Breakfast and Exhibition

8:00 AM

The Manufacturing Leadership Summit Reconvenes and Manufacturing Leadership Council Member Recognition

8:15 AM


9:00 AM


How 3M is Driving Innovation with M4.0
Dr. Rebecca Teeter, Corporate Manufacturing Operations Director, Film and Materials Resource Division, 3M

Since its founding in 1902, 3M has been on a mission to improve the lives of people around the world. In its next 100 years, the iconic company is determined to reset its benchmarks by moving beyond the continuous improvement efforts that have characterized its factories and value streams for decades. To do so, 3M is focused on leveraging Manufacturing 4.0 technologies to create new competitive advantages through operational excellence. This session will describe how 3M is driving innovation in its execution system and rearchitecting it end-to-end value chain to create new businesses by changing the economics of its operations.

9:30 AM

Networking, Refreshment, and Exhibition Break

10:00 AM

LIGHTNING ROUND: ML Award Winners Present

Six winners of the 2019 Manufacturing Leadership Awards present concise case studies of their projects. 

1. Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd., Synchron – Sell 1 Make 1 Procure 1 
TAFE replaced a traditional forecast-based, make-to-stock production model with a cross-functional, flow-based system that is unique to its industry. Where it previously took the company on average 75 days to get ordered product to dealers, TAFE can now do so in seven days.
2. Cooley Group, We Make It – We Take It Back 
Working with customers, suppliers, sourcing partners, and recycling partners, Cooley made good on its commitment to take back every product it makes at the end of its original, useful life. The program has put Cooley in a leadership position in the industry’s transition from reliance on polyvinyl chloride to 100% recyclable materials.
3. Saint-Gobain North America, Essentials of Manufacturing 
With 46% of its manufacturing talent likely to retire in the next 10 years, Saint-Gobain North America set out to reengineer its talent acquisition strategy. Central to the new program is a two-year Essentials of Manufacturing early career program aimed at developing the manufacturing leaders for Saint-Gobain’s factories of the future.
4. Noble Plastics, Geting Proactive, Predictive with Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 
Noble Plastics put in place a cloud-based Industrial Internet of Things system that automatically pulls production data from robots and molding machines and uses anomaly-detection algorithms to keep tabs on machine health, maintenance requirements, and parts quality. The system is enabling Noble to more effectively compete with much larger companies.
5. IBM, Infusing Blockchain in the IBM Supply Chain 
IBM pioneered the use of blockchain technology to create an immutable shared ledger with the goal of becoming a single-source-of-truth synchronized across its 18,000-supplier business network. So for the project has focused on keeping counterfeit parts out of the supply chain, real-time visibility, and streamlining the customs declaration process.

10:50 AM

Meet the Innovators – 1:1 Briefing Sessions

12:30 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

12:35 PM

Lunch and Food For Thought: Networking Roundtables

1:35 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

1:40 PM

Expert-led ThinkTanks capture the power of all participants’ voices, insights and experiences via group discussion and exploration of the issue at hand.

1. Coping with the M4.0 Data Deluge
2. Designing for Sustainable Manufacturing
3. It/OT Integration: Should They Be One Team?
4. New Digital Skills for the Manufacturing Workforce
5. What Should M4.0 Leaders Look Like in Five Years’ Time?

2:40 PM

Session to Session Travel Time

2:45 PM

Networking, Refreshment and Exhibition Break

3:15 PM


M4.0: Is the US Keeping Up With Global Competition?
MLC Board of Governors Chairman John Fleming, former Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing & Labor Affairs, Ford Motor Co.

The U.S. Government has defined the importance of leading in advanced manufacturing excellence and what is needed if U.S. manufacturers are to fully exploit the “Digital Transformation” inherent in M4.0. But are U.S. companies keeping pace with foreign competitors? To get ahead of the curve, now it is the time for manufacturing leaders to define the strategies, allocate the resources, set objectives, and measure progress.

3:45 PM


AI in Manufacturing: Friend or Foe? 
Ron Castro, VP Supply Chain, IBM Supply Chain
Roger Thomas, Industry Principal, SAS Institute
Tyler Vizek, Project Manager, MxD

AI has been touted as everything from a technology revolution that can improve nearly every aspect of business to an uncontrollable menace that will bring about far-reaching harm. This panel will attempt to separate the truth from the hype, while examining real-world uses for AI and machine learning on the factory floor.

4:30 PM

15th Annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit Concludes


6:30 PM

Manufacturing Leadership Awards Cocktail Reception Join us in this elegant start to our black tie evening and network with this year’s Award Winners, Technology Partners and Manufacturing Executives, while enjoying cocktails, champagne toasts and hors d’oeuvres.

7:45 PM

Manufacturing Leadership Awards Ceremony and Banquet Celebrate and honor the 2018 Manufacturing Leadership Award Winners and Technology Partners for their outstanding achievements, while enjoying a fine dining experience.


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